Our primary focus is the cost efficient management of our insurance clients automobile third-party bodily injury claims and New York no-fault PIP litigation and arbitrations, first party examinations under oath (EUO), declaratory judgment actions (DJ actions), fraud investigations and defense, and coverage questions. We handle matters in each of the five counties of New York City (New York, Kings, Queens, Bronx, and Richmond) and Nassau and Suffolk County, the New York City Civil Courts, Buffalo Area and Erie County, and the New York State Supreme Courts, and Federal District Courts.

No-Fault Litigation and Arbitration in New York is an ever-evolving area of law. Gullo & Associates, LLC. is on the front lines in the trial courts advocating for the proper interpretation of the No-Fault Regulations and for changes in the law where they need to made. We are active in the Appellate courts where new law is being created almost daily. We are aggressive in our approach to document gathering to support defense motions, to oppose provider motions, and to prepare for trial.

The EUO is a verification tool provided to the insurance carrier by the no-fault regulations enabling the insurance carrier to verify claims. Gullo & Associates LLC. has developed an efficient and cost effective approach to scheduling, conducting, and reporting on EUOs. Our focus at an EUO is to gather verification information which is relevant and useful. Our reports are easy to read and rapidly approach the bottom line.

DJ actions are an appropriate vehicle for the insurance carrier to use when there is a valid defense of a lack of coverage, fraud, and/or insurance policy violations which vitiate coverage. Our focus in the DJ action is to gather the necessary documentation to prove a lack of coverage, fraud, or policy violation, and then present the proof to the court through the DJ action seeking an order declaring a lack of coverage. The DJ action is a cost effective way to defend lack of coverage, fraud, and policy violation matters.

Fraud in the New York no-fault arena has been well publicized. Our approach to the fraud defense is not only to litigate, but also to provide our clients with exhaustive investigation and document gathering working with both litigation and claims examiners and SIU. We have been successful in obtaining discontinuances and dismissals based upon staged accidents, fraudulent billing, provider fraud, and improper/illegal provider incorporation. Gullo & Associates LLC. works with our clients in our attempt to eradicate, or at least minimize, insurance fraud.

Third Party Bodily Injury Litigation needs to meet the insurance carrier's best practices. Reporting is accurate and timely. CaseProtect is designed with a unique Case Assessment feature enabling our clients to view real time updates - like a living report that is always up to date.
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